Health Update 3/13

Hello friends, I was about to write you an email last night but my computer crashed! I was going to let you know this is going to be a momentous week for me mostly because this Thursday, I am scheduled to hear from the new surgeon what his recommendations are re my treatment for prostate cancer. Already I had got a message from my primary care doctor's office in Miami, via my friend, Dr. Sandra Brown, that "my prayers have been answered." I am waiting to hear what that fully means. In the meantime, God gave me a scripture from Psalm 34, "I will bless the Lord at all times, His praise shall continually be in my mouth." So. I was instructed to be in the praise mode not just in the prayer mode! Hallelujah! God is doing something wonderful, as always!

I am currently in Orlando, Florida to take my mother who's visiting from Jamaica to the Holy Land Experience theme park here. We drove 3 hours from Brunswick, Georgia this afternoon. We travel back to Miami on Wednesday for my doctor's appointment on Thursday.

Just before leaving Brunswick I got a message from Sazi, one of my sons in South Africa. This young man is being used by God to do great things for Him. He's making disciples and mentoring several young men and boys. A few weeks ago, I had a word from the Lord for him. I told him, "son, the Lord says you are to prepare yourself for some tests and trials!"

Well..his mom who was gravely ill from the effects and treatment of HIV/AIDS passed away in the hospital this afternoon (their time) and he was sitting beside her bed all alone! He said all his relatives had forsaken his mom because she had HIV/AIDS!! This is a great stigma in South Africa and Africa in general and infected persons are routinely abandoned by their families. That is so wrong in my view!!! I heard from Sazi a few minutes ago by what's app voice mail. He's very distressed and in my view he's in shock. He had just got a part time job earlier in the afternoon and went to the hospital to tell his mom and when he arrived at her bed she was gone. He had to close her eyes and call the doctor. Some of my friends in the Cape Town area going to help him. We need to help him with some of the funeral expenses. He's in college and have no money

Please pray for him and his loved ones especially those who have abandoned his mother. Pray that God transforms their hearts! Also, continue to pray and praise for what God is doing in my body and my life. And please remember to pray for the plans and financial needs for Africa Missions 2017. More about that at a later date!

Thanks for your constant love, prayers and support without which we cannot fulfill, in RENEWED Ministries, God's calling, mission and vision for our lives and ministry. May God bless you and your family and loved ones and add to your lives the riches of His grace and mercy!

Coram Deo!

Always in God's grip,


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