Surgery Scheduled

Hello friends and prayer partners! Shalom Aleichem! Many thanks and blessings to you for your continued and sustained prayers on my behalf. As you know, I am in Miami, meeting with doctors re prostate cancer treatment. This morning, I met with the surgeon. He has reviewed and accepted my test results from Jamaica and recommends that I remove my prostate before the cancer spreads!!!

So I've scheduled surgery with him on February 17here in Miami as that was the earliest date available! I know some persons are expressing that this is not the answer they hoped to hear but God is SOVEREIGN and chooses what course of action we must follow as we live in obedience to Him! I am not in any way perturbed by this. God IS in control of my life and we should continue to pray for good and successful outcomes from the surgery or any other process or procedure - natural or supernatural - that God chooses. My primary desire and goal is that I can continue fulfilling the mission and vision He has given to me to build up His kingdom for His honor and glory! So, please continue to pray with me that God's will be done in my life and done well!! In Jesus name. Amen.

The journey continues. I rest in God knowing that He's watching out for me and watching over me! Hallelujah!

Thanks for being my partner in prayer and in ministry. And thanks for your love, friendship and support! May God bless you with His abundant grace and favour!

Coram Deo!

Always in His grip!


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